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April 03, 2008


Joe Bell

The growing numbers of Autism, are very easily explainable. As a student of UNM and a father of an Aspergers child myself, the answer is obvious. Autism is the next evolution of human beings. With society today, we walk past people on a daily basis and not even notice thier existance, ignoring them out of fear of attack, or because it takes too much effort to socialize. Our social ability is demishing at a rapid rate, therefore at some point it will sease to be. My daughter already has this trait, her social function is nonexistant. She instead has an IQ of a genius, why? Because it is the next generation of evolution that will have to fix the problems of the past. Our damaged ecology, our need for self destrution protrayed through our religious endevores, our inability to co-exist with our surroundings and being the only species on the planet that can not do so, these things will lead to the extinction of the human race. But it is the genetic need of every species to evolve in order to survive. I believe we are seeing that change in our children, I believe that change is autism. I welcome the change… quite frankly, I’m tired of the world, and the way it has become. We NEED the change.

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