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May 17, 2008



A contributor to Yahoo Answers wrote:

From a mother of two children on the spectrum
There are many theories of the causes of autism, many are widely accepted some are controversial. Autism has been identified as having a genetic factor for many years now and have recently isolated a chromosome abnormality on chromosome 15 and 16. It is widely accepted that Autism is an autoimmune disorder and that is why vaccinations make autism worse in my opinion. An immunocompromised person can not handle the insult of the assault of the chemical makeup in the vaccine, hence the vaccine doesn't do what it is supposed to do in a select albeit small population of people. In these people it triggers a domino effect in which the body further attacks itself wreaking havoc on overall functioning. My son had a lot of healing after he went through chelation (ridding the body of the damage from vaccines). It bothers me when parents claim that their autistic child was cured through chelation. I don't believe you can be cured but the symptoms do lessen in intensity and duration, however I find it hard to believe that a child previously diagnosed autistic no longer meets criteria after chelation. I do not believe vaccines cause autism. I vaccinated my oldest who is autistic, my middle is not vaccinated at all he is autistic but higher functioning and my youngest has severe allergies complete with an epipen, eczema which he is on a middle grade steroid to control, and we have an immediate family history of everything listed above. We now know that the neurological brain of Autism begins showing abnormalities in the frontal lobe in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is why autistic kids have gi-normous macrocephalic heads. My middle son we suspected autism when I was still pregnant. At 39 weeks his head measured 48 (or 2 months old). MRI's can accurately predict autism by looking at the brainscan of a 3 yr old 90-95% of the time. The densitiy of the frontal lobe and heavy brain is also linked to dyslexia. A chemical balance in the brain with the neurotransmitter serotonin is also seen in autistics, and depression, bipolar, and addictions. This is why there are a lot of autistics with a family history of depression, alcoholism, bipolar, dyslexia, and many autoimmune disorders such as allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer, lupus, myasthenia gravis, colitis, crohn's disease, ADD/ADHD, multiple sclerosis, and many more. Many believe that autism is triggered by a virus. Yes advanced age especially men over 40 are at an increased risk for an autistic child. Autism is rising in epidemic proportions. I do not believe autistic kids should be given the same vaccine schedule as neurotypicals and do see a screening for this happening in my lifetime. Most accept that autism is autoimmune that the hardwiring is in place for before birth. I believe autism is very syndromey. All these kids have a lot of similar features. Here they are:
+advanced age parent
+ family history of autoimmune disorders
+chemical imbalances in brain (serotonin)
+learning disorders
+macrocephalic head
+left handed
+recessive eye color
+slight build (thin) or shorter stature (below 50th%)
+long eyelashes
+extremely good looking
+good sense of humor
+poor sensory integration
+visual learner
+fair skin
7 minutes ago
nurse, mother of 3 sons, 2 are autistic spectrum

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