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April 21, 2009


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We have a DAW law here in NY but I was given a generic and not the brand name drug my doctor prescribed , due to a false statement the pharmacist made to me in 2009.Last week I found his statement was false and have filed a complaint with his employer- a food chain- because I was told this unfactual statement again from another pharmacist at the same pharmacy. It involved my insurer.

I am mad as hell as I feel as a senior citizen I was duped by this pharmacy and have suffered extreme side affects which I attribute to the generic med.
I just heard on the scanner that a local 72 year old woman fell from a standing position and has hip and arm pain.
It is highly possible she suffered from a side affect of a medication that caused her fall and the resulting injuries she has insure more money is going to the health care system.

If I start to feel better on the brand name med I should have been on all along-
I am taking action.
I don't know what that action will be.
I have testified in writing to the House VAC in DC regarding a hearing involving veteran's issues so maybe that is the best place to start griping.
"Will the Supreme Court find that a generic drug manufacturer may have a duty to warn above a brand manufacturer?"
Yes this would make sense but the pharmacist should have this duty as well.

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