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May 02, 2011


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This article was a good one,for sure.

Linda Watson

I agree with you, Dr. Thompson: doctors who do not help their patients assess their options at the end of life are doing a great disservice. That said, the fact is that “magical thinking” may not be all that is preventing the conversation from happening. There may also be a concern that in opening up the topic of death and dying, the doctor may soon be in deep waters where their explicitly medical expertise does not assist them. There is a unique resource, however, that a doctor, nurse, social worker or friend can provide to a patient to help open the door to the kind of conversations you are talking about. It is a beautiful book, full of nature photographs and brief messages about the end of life entitled, Facing Death: A Companion in Words and Images. This book can be offered to a patient to review on their own schedule and then conversation about options can build out of discussion of the book and its impact. Please have a look at this book yourself, Dr. Thompson and then recommend it to others if you agree that it might be an aid to engaging with dying patients.

Linda Watson

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