I have been amazed at the courage the people of  Ukraine have shown against the terrible crime that has occurred  in their country. Yet in the U.S. the only Republican in Congress who has spoken out against the  terrible  damage and invasion has been Senator Mitt Romney. It is hard to believe that he and Tucker Carlson ever lived in the same town.  I have great respect for Senator Romney, even though I am not a Republican. I am also not Mormon, but have several good friends and patients who are and think their religion must be a factor in  teaching them what is right and what they will and will not tolerate. I wish there was a way for all parents to teach their children courage and good morals. To me that is one of the great responsibilities of being  parents. 

I wonder how some people develop courage and why others just go along with whatever makes them popular or a source of wealth. I  hope the people responsible for the terrible pain and damage in Ukraine will be tried for war crimes. I am pleased that even sports figures and many leaders of countries are speaking out about what is happening. It is heart breaking to see families being ripped apart and the great courage many mothers are showing as they try to protect their children.

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