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Feeding Children

The is a hard time to feed children when even going to a store can be risky.  I go at seven a.m. with a mask on and plastic gloves. Most doctors are taught little about diet and nutrition. I don't remember anyone talking about it at Stanford when I was in medical school there and my son agrees that he had no nutrition teaching at Washington University Medical School. 

There is an excellent book by Dr. Henry Legere entitled, Raising Healthy Eaters. He makes some good points and it is easy reading. I particularly like his discussion of vegetarian diets for kids. He notes that this type of diet can cause real problems unless parents understand how little protein such a diet can give a child.

I have great concerns about the advice some doctors are giving parents about feeding even little children  allergen foods, such as peanuts, eggs, fish, citrus, and  chocolate. There was an excellent allergist when I was on the staff at University of Rochester and he cautioned parents about these foods. I had married a man who had strong allergies in his family and was very careful about not  feeding allergenic foods to my two children. It certainly paid off.  Some children are very allergic to cows milk and when mothers can breast feed, that is much safer. Milk between meals for older children will decrease their appetite for regular meals, as will snacks, such graham crackers etc. If a particular food is disliked by a child, he or she could be allergic to it. No child should ever be forced to eat everything on their plate. Also children should not be catered to as to what  foods they will and will not eat. Fast foods and pre-packages foods may not be the best for children, except now and then. We are what we eat is still a wise saying. 











"It is difficult as the parent of a young child to find time for reading so I'm glad that Dr. Thompson has chosen to keep her advice simple and straightforward. I am always surprised at how the seemingly small changes that she suggests make such a profound difference in my life as a parent. This book is my go to present for all friends when they make the leap into parenthood."
"A well written practical book which helps you to react properly in various situations - medical emergencies, psychological breakdown etc. It is based on examples and offers systematic information, organised for the needs of the busy parents - both mothers and fathers are the target, as well as childcare workers."
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