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Does your Child's Doctor offer any Parenting Advice?

I remember taking my young second child to a pediatrician in Rochester, New York. He  was my usual pediatrician's partner because my doctor was ill or not able to be in the office. The man asked me a couple of questions, looked quickly at baby Geoffrey and that was that. He patted me on the back as said "You are doing a great job" and left the room.  It was snowing outside and I wondered why I had bothered to come. I will never forget that visit. When I  built my own office on starting my pediatric practice, I added a classroom to the back. It held about 30 people and there was always standing room only. I still hear from many of the parents and their children.  

A friend told me that when she goes to a doctor she types a list of questions and makes a copy. If a doctor does not answer the questions, she stands in front of the door and hands him or her the questions.  No parent should leave without having their questions answered. I must admit I am not seeing the quality of pediatrics  I saw formerly. Is making money so important that doctors have to push parents and kids out the door? That is unacceptable.












"It is difficult as the parent of a young child to find time for reading so I'm glad that Dr. Thompson has chosen to keep her advice simple and straightforward. I am always surprised at how the seemingly small changes that she suggests make such a profound difference in my life as a parent. This book is my go to present for all friends when they make the leap into parenthood."
"A well written practical book which helps you to react properly in various situations - medical emergencies, psychological breakdown etc. It is based on examples and offers systematic information, organised for the needs of the busy parents - both mothers and fathers are the target, as well as childcare workers."
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